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Conveyor Systems & Replacement Parts

Standard systems and parts are readily available at SEP. Whether your application requires stainless steel, carbon steel, abrasion resistant materials, or any other combination of components, we will make sure your order is fulfilled promptly. We have a large inventory of stock items and replacement parts, so please call or email us to inquire and take advantage of our competitive pricing.

SEP can build any type of CEMA standard conveyor and/or its components based on your specifications. Please call to speak to one of our project engineers and they will be happy to assist you.

SEP stocks CEMA standard hanger bearings, shafts and coupling bolts. Most conveyor components can be ordered individually, but we recommend calling to consult one of our engineers for these items to ensure proper fit and alignment. SEP offers Dodge & Craft bearings at prices comparable to specialty distributors.

Craft Pillow Block Bearings

Stainless Coupling Bolt Stock

Custom Made Stainless Hangars

Tail Shaft Stock

Does your process involve highly corrosive and/or abrasive materials? We can either offer you new hard surfaced materials or guide you in determining how to rework your equipment for these high wear areas.

Hard Surfaced Paddles: Hard surfacing on twin paddle mixers efficiently mixes highly corrosive materials while still ensuring a long life for the equipment.

A frequently miscalculated component in conveyor systems, SEP can help to save you money and prevent long term operational issues by designing drive and gear boxes that are sized correctly for your equipment. We purchase power transmission parts at OEM prices or better and will ensure you have the correct type for your application.

Falk Quaddrive

Power Transmission Components Prior to Installation

We individually design screw feeders to best serve your particular applications. Our engineers use the latest innovative techniques for developing proper feed systems that ensure precise feed rates, long life and minimal maintenance. Our experience and expertise allows us to successfully design and build many types of feeders for a wide variety of products. From explosion containing tube feeders for coal dust, to live bottom surge bins for corn processing, to multiple cone feeders for wood chips, we can equip you with any type of feeder.

Cone Feeder, 16” dia. x 8’x0” long
Varying flow is created at the beginning of the inlet using a cone shaped feeder. Combine the cone with a variable pitch flighting to obtain a very precise draw down. This type is ideal for applications where there is a long, narrow inlet and mass flow.

Live Bottom Feeder, 8 screws 12” dia. ea. x 8’-0” long
Uses multiple screws for continuous feed. Can be combined with tapered or variable pitch flights to give even discharge of the material. Used for applications where a large feed area is required by design or where the material has the characteristic of severe bridging.

Twin Screw Feeder, 2’-0” dia. ea. x 11’-0” long
Can be combined with cones, variable pitch or variable diameter. Used in applications where bridging is not a problem and the material can be hoppered down, yet the flow requires more than a single feeder.

Made to order for custom applications or CEMA standard configurations. Our team at SEP takes great pride in the quality and life expectancy of all our sectional flights. Please allow us to design better alternatives for cut flights, cut & folded flights, screw & paddle flights, paddle screws or ribbon flights based on your process needs.

Sectional Flight Screw

Ribbon Flight Screw

SEP will help you achieve better performance and longer life with the help of our in house testing methods. Each screw and screen set is pre-tested before shipment to ensure tight clearances and proper fit in the field. Each screw press rebuild, modification or repair is specially designed to meet your process needs. This special care enables you to customize your screw presses to achieve greater dewatering.

Tapered Screws
SEP will analyze your application to ensure proper implementation while providing any modifications available to improve performance of your tapered dewatering screws. Whether your screw needs built up and machined or a whole new compression ratio, precise machining will enable fast delivery with no complications in the field.

Screen Housings
We build heavy duty 316SS screen housings per you specifications. Accurate machining enables easier installation and a more concentric screw press. Housings are assembled and tested before shipment to guarantee precise fit. Heavy duty design prevents warping, thus achieving a longer life. Whether a bearing failure caused excess wear, or you just need to replace a set, SEP can build or rebuild any set of housings.

Tapered & Pre-drainage Screens
SEP’s special rolling process guarantees easier installation, along with an improved screw fit due to uniform clearance throughout the screens. With superior fit comes improved performance. Any hole size, spacing and open area can be provided if desired. We will provide the customer service necessary to solve any issues and increase your equipment’s efficiency.

Please call us to discuss these standard conveyor parts. We can quickly make to order all CEMA parts or design and custom build parts such as supports and end plates to your specifications.

Custom End Plate with Bracket for Pillow Block Bearing

Tubular Trough under Construction

If you have any questions about our conveyor systems and replacement parts, please call 1-812-466-7266 and ask to speak with one of our project engineers.

Our customers trust in our unrivaled quality and reliability.

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