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Custom Equipment

No matter what your application and material handling needs may be, our knowledge and experience can help us to properly serve you. At SEP we do not consider any request to be unreasonable. Your specifications combined with our engineering and manufacturing standards ensure complete quality every time. With each order we include consultation, constant quality inspections and final test runs prior to shipment as well as on-site assembly to assure you receive a reliable, long lasting final product.

SEP will custom design and build each piece of equipment in accordance with your application whether it be paddle, ribbon or combination screws. We use heavy gauge construction with full structural support, jig welded flanges for exact fit and construction materials matched to your application. Pug mills can help you take environmental control of bulk dust load out systems while our viscous agitators are designed to resist shaft or paddle arm failure. And although our designs are unique to us, we are still very cost competitive because of our low overhead and inventory of materials.

Twin Paddle Mixer, 36” dia. x 18’-0” long
SEP builds the most “bulletproof” paddle mixer in the business. If, for example, your process requires mixing with retention time and adding dry return to wet product we can provide you with long lasting quality equipment.

Horizontal Agitator Shaft, 10’ dia. x 20’-0” long
We can help you find the best solution for mixing and agitating your process liquids using a custom made horizontal agitator.

Twin Pug Mill, 12” dia. x 7’-0” long
Regardless of your final product, SEP can calculate and design the correct pug mill to add liquid and mix during your process.

Rely on the most efficient dewatering presses in the industry with improved seals and exclusive pre-drainage screen technology, leading to fewer dry solids and lower moisture content for fiber & germ applications. SEP will custom design, build, and fit each component within the press to ensure its efficiency. Please call for additional details.

Germ Dewatering Press, 25 3/8” dia. x 10’-11 3/8” long

If you are in need of custom unit handling equipment, drag conveyors, belt conveyors & bucket elevators we would be happy to discuss your project and provide you with a quote. However we do not offer competitive pricing against standard equipment suppliers due to the nature of these systems.

24” x 30’-0” long Belt Conveyor
Please call for a consultation if you are in need of a custom sized belt conveyor.

24” Volumetric Enclosed Belt Feeder
Please call for a consultation if you are in need of a custom sized belt feeder.

24” Enclosed Belt Conveyor with Scavenger Drag Conveyor Bottom
Please call for a consultation if you are in need of a custom sized drag conveyor.

SEP can engineer and build any specialty screw conveyors and/ or complete systems to suit your application needs. Screw conveyors are our specialty; we can review your specs and recommend modifications and improvements to increase efficiency, decrease cost and improve longevity of your equipment.

Extra Long Screw, 30” dia x 36’-0”long
SEP has 20+ year experience building 30’-40’+ screws for our clients in the industry. Please allow us to quote and build your custom length screw while still guaranteeing the same quality and longevity as our standard length screws.

Heat Transfer Conveyor, 24” dia. x 25’-0” long
This type of heat transfer conveyor utilizes hallow flight screws to cool product.

If your process requires compensation for irregular flow volume or storage for surges of material flow, SEP can design a solution for you. We will help you determine what configuration you need to best manage flow and discharge from bins.

6 Screw Centrifuge Surge Bin, 20’-0” long x 9’-0” wide x 4’-3-5/8” tall
Utilizes (6) 16” right hand screws to discharge from bottom of the bin.

Using our combined engineering expertise and material knowledge, SEP can build custom bins, hoppers and other special fabricated tanks. Whether you need to weigh, meter, use for simple storage or solve head load issues, we can work with you. In addition, we have the capabilities to supply structural supports, platforms and towers to complete your project.

Mixing Tank
We can design or build any size or shape mixing tank with necessary modifications tailored to your processing needs.

Chisel Bottom Hopper
Funnels vertically from round hopper to rectangular shaped discharge where varied pitch screw flights can continue managing flow.

Live Bottom Hopper, 10’-0” dia. x 39’-11” tall
Uses a live bottom screw feeder to discharge materials from bottom of the hopper.

If you have any questions about our custom equipment, please call 1-812-466-7266 and ask to speak with one of our project engineers.

Our customers trust in our unrivaled quality and reliability.

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